September 11

Spirit Overcome By Mind In Prophetic Word For Today


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God gave me a prophetic word for today about the mind and the spirit. Here’s what it means for you and your church.

prophetic word for today

Prophetic Word For Today

Today, I’ll share how a personal word God gave to me is becoming a prophetic word for the church - and may also be for you.

It started off as a picture the Lord showed me during a leadership team meeting. But it soon became much more than a one-off visual image or lesson.

A Personal Prophetic Word For Today Becomes A Word For The Church

Over the Summer, I published a short series to let you know a bit more about what goes on here, behind the scenes.

Inside, I explained how God has been speaking to me this year, fulfilling his promises and changing my circumstances.

One of the key things that changed for me involved a move from a private company back into the National Health Service.

This turned out to be more stressful than it should have been.

It’s Your Own Fault!

However, the Lord told me that some of that stress was my own fault.

He demonstrated that through a vivid picture, a vision of my relationship with him. In that vision, he revealed his most intimate thoughts about me.

I mulled it over for some time and I found myself sharing it with various people and in different places.

In particular, it appeared to resonate with some folks in the Company of Prophets.

Since then, I realised that this vision is not just for me: it's for his church and it’s for you, too.

Here’s what I saw.

My Prophetic Word For Today: A Corkscrew

I was standing in a room and the Lord himself stood behind me.

He took a very large corkscrew and drilled it into the crown of my head!

Using the corkscrew, he pulled out a large piece of my brain. It looked like a cork, soaked with red wine and it made a popping sound as it was removed.

He put out his tongue and tasted the bottom of the cork. Then he made a face as if to say, “that’s no good” and he threw the cork and the corkscrew over his shoulder!

Next, he opened doors into my chest and took out my spirit.

I was expecting it to look all light and ethereal, but instead, it looked like a thick black strip of leather.

As I watched, he tested it, bending it and then hitting it on a table several times.

Finally, he nodded as if to say, “yes, that’s good”.

And he put my spirit back in my chest.

Prophetic Word For Today: What God Said

This word has grown in me over the Summer and has only come together fully as I have written this article.

So I’ll let the words speak for themselves.

This is what the Lord said to me through this picture:

“You’re letting your mind lead you too much and you need to reconnect your spirit to my spirit, to Holy Spirit.

You need to submit your mind to me for inspection and let me throw out the bad thoughts and ideas.

You’ve been going in circles in your thinking, as you have tried to figure out how you’re going to build and grow your ministry.

But whenever you ask the question, the same answers come back:

You’re already doing everything you can and you know the answers already.

You know how to write, to engage with people and encourage them to grow.

And you know how to grow your website through sales and marketing.

You have identified your enemies as “time and money”.

However, you can’t make it work any better or quicker by trying harder!

You have to trust me for the miracles and to set your path straight.

Ask what I want to do in you and through you, at each and every step.

But you need to ask me different questions now to those you used to ask:

Instead of “How can I make this work?”, ask me, “What risks do you want me to take next?

And you need to connect with me and ask those questions with your spirit, not your mind!”

Prophetic Word For Today: What It Means For Me

Throughout this year I’ve been praying about all the things God spoke to me.

I had a clear vision of what I believed he wanted me to do and a set of goals to get me there.

However, the Lord showed me that when it came to executing on that vision, I had been found wanting.

I’d been thinking really hard, trying to work out and prioritise my next steps. So much so, that my fears were taking over and destroying any sense of perspective I had.

That’s why I was getting stressed.

Fear Versus Faith


Fear is seated in the mind and emotions,

but faith and peace are seated in the spirit.

When fear takes over, our faith wobbles and we lose our peace.

But if we let God rule us through our spirit, faith remains strong and we stay close to his presence.

That’s why Jesus is called the Prince of Peace and that’s why God was giving me this vision.

He wants us to be close to him at all times, so we can know him and be sure of his will.

Fear is seated in the mind and emotions, but faith and peace are seated in the spirit.

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Prophetic Word For Today: What It Means For You And The Church

The chances are you won’t be asking the Lord questions about sales and marketing.

However, I think there is a lot in this picture you may relate to.

I believe he is speaking to his church - and to you - about the choices that we have.

Often, there are two or more ways forward and we want to do all of them, all at once.

But sometimes, those choices don't seem to add up or they appear to be mutually exclusive.

Time and money are common enemies to our goals, both for individuals and organisations.

But it’s through our spirits that we connect with God to take hold of the answers, not through our minds!

Our mind plays its part, but our relationship with God is spirit-to-spirit and that’s how we communicate with him.

Prophetic Word For Today: A Call To The Spirit

I believe this prophetic word is particularly true of the Western world, dare I say it, even of the Western church.

In the US and the UK, we have allowed the intellect to drive our nations, to the extent that the spirit has mostly been quashed.

So many organisations, from schools, universities and hospitals through to private companies and governments are ruled by the mind.

But that leads to a culture of fear, always being afraid of what we might lose, rather than seeking what we could gain. (For those of us in the UK, just look at the whole Brexit debate to see those fears clearly on display.)

As it is said: the mind is a great servant, but a poor master.

The mind is a great servant, but a poor master.

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Time To Reconnect

It's time for us to reconnect with our God and enjoy knowing him - and being known by him - in a deeper way than we did before.

He never intended us to work things out on our own.

He always intended for us to be in continuous relationship and work in cooperation with him.

As we listen with our spirits, rather than our minds, we will hear a clearer message from God and become sure of our direction.

And that will give us the confidence to step out with boldness, allowing the kingdom of God to expand and extend in new ways.

Your Turn

How will you respond to this prophetic word?

Leave your answer in the comments area, below.


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  • My immediate thought and that is my mind speaking I guess, is how do we listen with our spirits? That needs to be broken down. May be for future blogs? How do we operate out of our spirit?

    I have seen a diagram which has helped me recently. The spirit which is our God consciousness has inside of it the glory of God which is accessed by the gate of first love.

    The spirit is made up of: revelation, the fear of the Lord, worship, prayer, reverence, intuition, faith and hope. All of these are gateways which need to be cleansed and kept clean for the soul to receive direction if you like.

    There’s more I could say on that.

    The way of operating out of our spirit with Holy Spirit is something that I have been pondering on myself.

    It is a powerful picture that you bring Tim. I shall meditate on it.

    • Hi Rob,
      You made some very interesting points there.
      It would be good to talk about some of them when we have our chat next week!

      And thanks: I shall have a think about breaking down what it means to listen with our spirits for another post.

  • I think you got it right on! It takes maturity though unless you’re taught from a young age you won’t understand. There is a season. And God is not us with are thoughts so this we must see too. Anyways I love you God and it’s amazing your Words to me. I pray others can have that too.

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