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FREE guide to hearing God’s voice.

Learn To Hear God’s Voice

How To Hear God’s Voice: 8 practical steps to help you hear from God is a brand new FREE e-book, which will enable you to hear the Lord more clearly than you may have thought possible.*

Most Christians want to hear God’s voice for themselves, but many people struggle to really make a connection. How To Hear God’s Voice will help you to close the gap between the biblical truth, and the reality and experience of knowing God personally.


  • You’re trying to understand God’s will for your life
  • You’re learning how to pray for and prophesy to others
  • You want to take your prophetic gift to the next level

…then this eBook is for you!


What people are saying…

How To Hear God's Voice Cover

Congratulations! This is AWESOME!! I haven’t quite read all of it yet but it is very powerful. I have no doubt God is going to use this in very powerful ways…

Andrea Tibbits

I’ve read all of your book and I think it’s great! I like the fact that we can pray any time of day, in whatever mundane task we are occupied with, instead of always having to find a special time or place. Your book is well set out and just the right length too.
Gill Steeden

Your book has been a real blessing to me. It’s practical and has helped me think of different ways to find time to strengthen my personal relationship with God and make my communication with Him more natural and real.

Janet Williams

I’m finding it hard to put down! But am trying to restrict myself to one section at a time! Just to really absorb it!

Jan Read

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*Disclaimer: Sadly, I can’t guarantee that you will hear God’s voice. However, by following the steps outlined in this book, I believe you will be putting yourself in the best position to make a real connection with the Lord.

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