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Can't hear God's Voice?

Discover what’s getting in the way!
Barriers To Hearing God is a FREE excerpt from my eBook How To Hear God’s Voice.
Discover the secret issues that could be preventing you from hearing God’s voice – and learn how to overcome them.

Barbie Howarth

I loved your book and found it very practical and easy to read, especially the helpful “how to” tips. Hearing God’s voice & trusting him is essential…

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The Author, Tim Bader

Tim Bader

About the Author

I'm Tim Bader, creator of the 4 Steps Prophecy School.

I'm a writer, author and church leader, and I train Christians in the gift of prophecy.

My heart is to release people to hear God's voice for themselves and others, so they can prophesy with confidence.

Dereck Ngambela Mathe

Thank you for coming to my rescue from terrible confusion and misunderstanding in my pilgrimage. Your work is extremely inspiring.

Jan Read

I'm finding all that you are writing very stimulating! New and things that I knew before put together, throws a different light /angle on things I have previously understood in a slightly different way!!

Angelo Achuil

I wanted to say that I am grateful to God and to you, for the paraphrased Psm 23...

I am printing it and put in my car. It can help calm me down and keep my tongue from the rants I sometime use.


I just found your blog and I'm impatiently waiting your next blog about HOW to get started!!!