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I loved your book and found it very practical and easy to read, especially the helpful “how to” tips. Hearing God’s voice & trusting him is essential…

Barbie Howarth

How NOT To Prophesy – A (Backwards) Guide

“It freaked me out”. Those were the words a friend (I’ll call him John) used to describe a situation he experienced one day in church. As I discovered, his experience served as a really good example of how NOT to prophesy: A man walked up to John and, completely...

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Translating God Book Review

Translating God by Shawn Bolz is a book that places God's love front and centre of the prophetic gifts. Find out how in this Translating God book review. One of my goals this year is to catch up on my reading, by (finally) finishing the pile of books sitting on my...

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How To Find Quiet Time With God

How do you find quiet time with God in the midst of a busy day? Hearing God for others, or for your own life, requires quiet time with him. But how do you find quiet time when there is no time in your day? I’m Rubbish At Quiet Time With God I'm rubbish at quiet times....

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