Learn the Gift of Prophecy

Your complete guide to the spiritual gift of prophecy

Learn The Gift Of Prophecy

Learn all about the gift of prophecy: understand what it is, why you should practice, and how to do it, in 4 simple steps.
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Many Christians want to grow in, and learn the gift of prophecy, but don't know where to start. But God is bringing a fresh outpouring of his spirit to his church, so there's never been a better time to start.

Prophecy: The Definitive Guide will help you take your next steps to learn the gift of prophecy, wherever you are on your prophetic journey.

Based on the popular 4 Steps Prophecy School, the Guide is designed to be read alongside one of my most popular articles (link provided inside).

You'll learn:

  • What prophecy really is (Hint: it's for now!)
  • Why prophecy is a key spiritual gift for God's church
  • An introduction to the 4 Steps

The 4 Steps will help you share personal prophecy with others, from hearing what God is saying, through to the best ways to help others understand what is on the Lord's heart for them.

The steps are simple, biblical and practical: if you've ever wondered whether you have a prophetic gift, then this is for you!

What People Are Saying about the School...

Rob Marshall

This course is an uncomplicated straightforward one where Tim clearly and simply states the process without being sensationalistic! As I have kids, I think it's something even they could grasp and be able to do.

One particular moment stood out... ...that night I had a significant dream which related to me and my presentation of prophecy and being bold in the words I receive and not hiding from this gift.

Yvonne Rowe

I joined the 4 Steps Prophecy School to improve my use of prophecy.

It was very factual and helpful to someone not sure about prophecy.

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Learn the gift of prophecy - The Author, Tim Bader
Tim Bader

4 Steps Prophecy School Founder

About the Author

I'm Tim Bader. I'm a writer, author and church leader, and I train Christians in the gift of prophecy.

My heart is to release people to hear God's voice for themselves and others, so they can prophesy with confidence.

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