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About This Website

Hello, I'm Tim Bader and welcome to timbaderonline.com, where you can learn all about listening to God, the gift of prophecy and how you can learn to prophesy.

I am a blogger, author, church leader and speaker. I help motivated but frustrated Christians learn to hear and interpret God's voice, so they can communicate His heart and message in personal and public ministry, effectively and confidently.

The Aim

My aim at timbaderonline.com is to help Christians like you learn how to prophesy. You can start with the basics of listening to God and interpreting and when you're ready, move your gifting on to the next level.

On the website, I cover anything that enables and empowers people to grow in their prophetic gifts, centred around the 4 Steps of prophecy. That includes how to hear God's voice, how to interpret words and visions, and tips on how and when to share those words with others.

I also run the 4 Steps Prophecy School which helps people to connect with God, as they grow in the prophetic and learn to minister to others through cooperation with Holy Spirit.

The Author, Tim Bader

I tend to post a new article here every 2-3 weeks, on average.

Feel free to link to any of my articles, if it is relevant to your readers.

If you wish to quote anything I have written here, then please state where you got it from and include a link back to the source. Please see the Copyright Notice for details.

About Me

I am a writer who has been blogging for more than 5 years. I am also an author and enjoy writing both fiction and non-fiction.

I became aware that I had a gift of prophecy soon after I became a Christian. For nearly 30 years I have been learning and developing my prophetic skills, in the context of personal ministry and prayer.

More recently, I have been learning to use my prophetic gift as part of the leadership team of Guildford Community Church.

My passion is to share what I have learnt about prophecy with the world, and set people free to operate fully in their gifts.

I live in Surrey, with my wife and two kids.

Staying In Touch

If you enjoy what I write, or have something positive to share, then I would love to hear from you.

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I am committed to writing about things for which I am passionate. I will only review or feature products that I use myself and would recommend to others.

While I offer advice and recommendations in many of my articles, this is given on an "as is" basis at the time the post is published. As such, I cannot be held responsible for any errors or omissions that may be found in the content.

However, I am happy to receive (positive) feedback and will endeavour to update articles with new information, where necessary.

Website Technical Details

If you've read down this far, you may like to know a bit about how this site is built.

timbaderonline.com is written in markdown/HTML and built on the WordPress platform.

I utilise a number of plugins and widgets to improve the reader and admin experience, including:

  • Thrive Themes "Pressive" theme
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  • Thrive Architect page builder
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Several of these plugins are implemented in JavaScript