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Tim loves God, and is prophetic. His prophecy training is rooted in His love for God, so helps us to grow in the gift of prophecy through focus on and love for the gift-giver.

Consequently, the training is given in an atmosphere which is accepting, loving, empowering, encouraging and fun. All feel welcome to take part and learn, as well as contribute to each other's learning, by giving and receiving prophecy in a safe place.

Tim Bader

Creator 4 Steps Prophecy School

What You Can Expect When You Ask Me To Speak

When you contact me to speak or lead a workshop at your church or organisation, here's what you can expect.

Before The Day

When you contact me, I'll endeavour to get back to you as soon as possible (usually within 2-4 days).

We'll discuss your requirements, arrange a date and decide what topic would be most relevant for your members.

What Happens On The Day

Where possible, I'll arrive early to get set up at your church or other venue.

I would appreciate the opportunity to pray with you and your team before I speak.

I'll also discuss the response time with you.

What Happens Next

Usually, I will include one or more practical exercises as part of a response to my talk.

This may involve splitting people into small groups, so they can practice prophecy on each other.

Ideally, everyone will leave the meeting feeling encouraged that they heard from God!

About Tim Bader

Tim Bader is a writer, author, speaker and church leader.

He is the creator of the 4 Steps Prophecy School.

His vision is to release people to hear God's voice for themselves and others, so they can prophesy with confidence.

His talks and workshops provide a biblical foundation and practical "hands-on" experiences for all participants.

He lives in Guildford with his wife and occasionally two grown up children.

Core Values For The Gift Of Prophecy

Whatever topic you choose, the core values for using the gift of prophecy remain the same.

I promote these values as part of the prophetic "recipe for success".


Centred in truth

Prophecy is rooted in the bible, which is the final authority for Christian belief and behaviour


Cooperation with God

Prophecy is centred in a loving personal relationship with Jesus


For all believers

Not everyone is a prophet, but every Christian can hear God's voice

Sample Topics

Everyone can hear God

How to hear God every day - even in the midst of your busy schedule!

what is prophecy?

What is the spiritual gift of prophecy and why should we use it?

how to grow in the prophetic

The purpose of prophetic growth and the steps that will take you in the right direction.

how to interpret prophecy

Understand what God is saying to you, your friends, your church and to the world.

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