4 Steps To Prophecy

4 Steps To Prophecy empowers you to hear God's voice and prophesy confidently in personal ministry.

4 Steps To Prophecy aims to give you increased confidence in the prophetic gifts, empowering you to hear God's voice more clearly and accurately, with a focus on prophecy and words of knowledge in personal ministry.


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4 Steps To Prophecy

4 Steps To Prophecy contains teaching and practical activations that will take you through your first steps into an exciting new dimension to your faith!

4 Steps To Prophecy is for all Christians who would like to learn to listen to God more clearly for themselves and others, and want to receive activation and impartation in the spiritual gift of prophecy. In these pages, you'll discover the 4 Steps, a loose framework to help you engage with prophecy and the prophetic gifts in a personal ministry situation.

The 4 Steps are designed to inspire your own thinking about how you relate to the Lord and to the person you are praying for. You'll learn how to understand prophecy and prophetic gifts within a biblical model, while learning how to cooperate fully and effectively with the Holy Spirit.


  • The book is written in 3 main parts
  • In Part 1, Tim discusses what prophecy actually is (and isn’t), why he thinks you should prophesy and how it can benefit you and your church. You will also understand how God speaks and how you can listen to him more clearly in everyday life.
  • Part 2 is the heart of the book: you will learn about the 4 Steps, a loose framework to help you prophesy, tailored specifically to help you prophesy to individuals one-to-one.
  • In Part 3, you’ll go deeper into the prophetic lifestyle, what it means to live in close relationship with God and grow in your prophetic gift. You will also discover more about your place in the church, how to deal with potential issues that may come up and how to know if you are called to prophetic ministry.

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