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Prophetic Dream Reveals Kingdom Of God On The Move (Dinosaurs Included!)

By Tim Bader | Prophecy

Mar 02

A bunch of dinosaurs in a prophetic dream has changed my view of the Kingdom of God.

You’re curious, aren’t you? Go on, admit it. How can this be? The answer is because some dreams really are prophetic dreams.

My prophetic dream happened just last week. And yes, it involved dinosaurs. But God spoke to me through that dream and I believe he wants to speak to you too, so here it is.

Prophetic Dream ...Dinosaur

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A Prophetic Dream Of The Kingdom Of God

In my prophetic dream, there was a group of us trying to escape from those dinosaurs. As is often the way with dreams, I didn’t quite know who “us” was, but that’s not the important part.

There were different scenes in the dream, with different sizes and numbers of dinosaurs in each. In one scene, there was one big dinosaur and in others, there were multiple small dinosaurs, but they were all hunting me and the group of people I was with.

In each scene, we were inside a room, which itself was inside a larger building. We were trying to remain hidden while tracking down where the dinosaurs were to prevent them from hurting us.

With the largest dinosaur, we somehow triggered a large wall section to fall onto it. It wasn’t clear whether the large dinosaur was dead, but it was trapped underneath the wall and unable to move. This theme was repeated in different ways in the other scenes.

In the last scene, we were in a very small room with two glass doors and there were lots of small dinosaurs searching for us. The doors weren’t shut or locked properly and I was trying to hold one of the doors shut, while the dinosaurs trooped past in single-file.

All of a sudden, there was something like a shout and we were able to leave the room. The sense was of us being unafraid and free to move, even though the dinosaurs were still looking for us.

Prophetic Dream Challenges Kingdom Thinking

I woke up. I went through the ritual of telling my wife about the dream and having a laugh about it together. Then she said, “but what if God is speaking to you through that dream?”

That got me thinking about the repeated scenes and how the Lord sometimes speaks by reiterating words or scriptures in order to get our attention.

It was the same with the apostle Peter’s prophetic dream when the Lord told him repeatedly to “get up Peter, kill and eat” (Acts 10:13). This instruction was directed at some non-kosher animals to demonstrate that Gentiles needed to be accepted into the infant church.

To cut a long story short, I prayed about my prophetic dream and this is what the Lord said:

“The gospel and the kingdom of God is primarily offensive, not defensive.”

He reminded me of something I had read in a book recently regarding Jesus’ words, “I shall build my church and the gates of hell will not prevail against it”. Bill Johnson said that he used to think of these words in a defensive way, thinking that the church needed to defend itself against the spiritual forces of darkness.

But he learned that the opposite is true: it’s not the gates of heaven or the church that are at risk, it’s the gates of hell! When the church moves out in power, we fulfil the commission of Jesus to destroy the works of the devil.

Prophetic Dream Ignites Kingdom Dreams

My prophetic dream illustrates the same truth:
When the church rises up and assaults the gates of hell in people’s lives, the devil’s works – the metaphorical dinosaurs – are destroyed or disabled. Healing takes place, people are set free and the kingdom of God advances.

Please note that we don’t assault people, only the spiritual forces that bind people up! This is an important concept to remember as we learn to use every spiritual gift, particularly that of prophecy.

Of course, I’m not saying that my dream has overridden scripture, far from it. When we receive prophetic dreams and prophetic words from the Lord, either directly or indirectly, we have a responsibility to weigh them in the scales of the Bible, not the other way around.

“The bible didn’t change, but my understanding of it did.”

Here, the Lord used my dream to challenge and correct my misunderstanding of His word. The bible didn’t change, but my understanding of it did. As a result, my personal dreams are rekindled: to see the church rise up in Holy Spirit power, moving out to extend the Kingdom Of God and set people free.

Change Your Mindset On The Kingdom Of God

When we get into a defensive mindset, as the church often does, we try to protect or hold on to what we already have. That can make us more vulnerable, not less because those dinosaurs are still out there.

It’s attractive to stay defensive because there’s less apparent risk involved, but we can miss the good things the Lord wants to bless us with. The dinosaurs are allowed to roam free and then we wonder why we face so many troubles all around.

We have to actively take back territory in order to avoid a retreat into comfortable fruitlessness. The Lord wants us to move out to conquer that territory in power and obedience to His voice.

When we do that, we won’t fear the enemy because we’ll be able to bind him up. Ironically, perhaps even counter-intuitively, we are then in the best place to protect ourselves, since we destroy the very works of which we were originally afraid.

There will be battles, but Jesus has already won the victory on the cross. Lest any of us feel fearful or in any doubt of the truth of this, remember: “greater is he who is in you than he who is in the world” (1 John 4:4).

Discussion Question
Has God spoken to you in a dream? How did it affect you?


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I'm Tim Bader, creator of the 4 Steps Prophecy School. I'm a writer, author and church leader, and I train Christians in the gift of prophecy. My heart is to release people to hear God's voice for themselves and others, so they can prophesy with confidence.

  • Elize Agenbacht Swart says:

    Hi Tim, this is a very cool dream. I can confirm that 100%. Our pastor in Cape Town often said that the gates can’t attack us, we attack the gates! That is exactly what it means. We are offensive to darkness and what the forces of darkness try to accomplish. It is convenient to forget this and even sensational to talk about the attacks we just had, as if we almost went down… So, amen! Blessing, Elize

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