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How To Declare Prophecy With Greater Anointing For Best Results


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Learn how to declare prophecy and prophetic words in greater anointing, by moving in the prophetic flow of the spirit.

Declare prophecy with greater anointing

Last time, we looked at how to release and restore with the power of declaration.

Today, I want to go a bit deeper and look at how we can declare prophecy with greater anointing from Holy Spirit.

I’ll be building on previous articles, including last week’s post plus another on how to interpret prophetic words.

We’ll discuss:

  • How the process of interpreting prophecy works.
  • Why sharing that process may sometimes be unhelpful.
  • How practising declarative prophecy helps us align with Holy Spirit and enables greater anointing.
  • Some caveats about moving too soon or too liberally in prophetic declaration.


This article will be of most relevance to those who are already experienced in the gift of prophecy, particularly so if you are moving from the Revelation to the Declaration phase of your prophetic growth.

If you need a refresher on the process of interpreting prophecy then read this first.

Declare Prophecy With Greater Anointing

I shared previously how I learned about the power of declaration and how I spoke bible verses over myself to break free of strongholds.

Recently, God has been teaching me how to move more powerfully in declaration. He has also been using some prophetic friends of mine who encourage me to keep going with it.

I’ll be honest with you: declaration is an area where I still have a lot to learn. It’s something I’m practising most days, so to a certain extent, I’m feeling my way through this article.

Declare What God Says

One of the things I have discovered is that true prophetic declaration is about falling into line with what God is already saying.

The kind of declaration that deals with strongholds is intentional:

I pray about the stronghold and God leads me to the right bible verses. I then choose to declare those verses over myself for a given period of time.

What tends to happen with declarative prophecy as I'm discussing today is that I will be praying for a person or situation and it’s as if Holy Spirit rises up within me.

My prayers move away from asking Father God to change the situation to telling the situation to change by itself. When this happens, I can sense a greater authority in my prayer and in the spirit that goes with it.

"True prophetic declaration is about falling into line with what God is already saying." - Tim Bader

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An Example Of Declaring Prophecy

It’s difficult writing at the moment without referring to the Coronavirus. But you may remember several years back when there was a smaller but even more deadly outbreak, in the form of Ebola.

It wasn’t a worldwide pandemic (thankfully) but it was far more dangerous for those affected.

Although the disease was limited to several African nations, health organisations struggled to hold it in check. Many medical personnel risked their lives and sadly, then as now, some lost their lives in the fight.

A group of us got together to pray about the outbreak. And there came a point in our prayers where we declared that a cure would be found and Ebola would be brought under control.

It took some time but the spread of the disease was eventually curbed. We never heard if a vaccine had been developed, which left us to wonder whether that part of our declaration was correct.

As I researched this article, I was heartened to hear that a vaccine for Ebola has indeed been found and was approved for use in Europe last year.

Declare Prophecy In A Pandemic

Coming back to the present, as I pray about the current pandemic I find myself once again in declaration. I’m declaring miracles of healing. I’m declaring discoveries in medical research for the vaccination and treatment of Coronavirus.

So how do we move from a place of petitionary prayer (asking God for things) to declarative prophecy (speaking out what God is saying)?

At this point, I think it would be helpful to review how we process prophetic words for individuals.

My declarative prayers for the world are spoken into a kind of void, since there is no-one else present. But looking at how we process personal prophecy will hopefully give you a framework upon which to hook your thoughts.

Receive Revelation First, Declare Prophecy Second

Understanding and interpreting a prophecy starts with receiving a revelation from God, but it doesn’t end there. We have to process that revelation before we come to share it.

The initial revelation might consist of a few words, such as a bible verse or a picture formed in your mind.

You have to do something with that revelation in order to understand what God is saying. Then you can share God’s message accurately with the person it’s intended for. In other words, you interpret it. This is what I mean by the word “process”.

Declare Prophecy: Processing The Word

I won’t go into too much detail since I have covered it elsewhere, but the steps to process and interpret a prophetic word are:

  1. 1
    Ask God for more of the word
  2. 2
    Test the word
  3. 3
    Listen to your spirit and Holy Spirit
  4. 4
    Ask God for the meaning

In other words, you ask the Lord for more detail to flesh out the word or picture and test that it really is of God. Finally, you check what he intends for the person you’ll share it with.

Then you tell them about:

  • The word or picture: what you heard or saw
  • The process: how you worked out what it means
  • The interpretation: what you think it means for them

The Problem With Processing

In many cases that’s all we need to do. For some people, sharing all of this may help them to receive and process it for themselves.

But there are occasions where explaining the process may impede understanding of the Lord’s specific meaning and intentions for that person.

To put it another way, your thinking in how you understand a prophecy isn’t always relevant to the core message that God wants to bring to their understanding.

It may also interfere with getting into the prophetic flow of Holy Spirit.

Moving Into Declaration

Getting into the prophetic flow means to move in greater power and authority:

Being in the prophetic flow lends greater “weight” to your words and may elicit a stronger response in the recipient.

If I refer back to the incident of the woman with bleeding, we see Jesus declaring the truth that “your faith has healed you”.

Simple maybe, but spoken in the prophetic flow of the Spirit, the authority of Jesus’ words sets her free socially as well as medically.

As you grow and mature in your gifting, you too may find yourself moving from simple sharing of words, pictures and process into the same prophetic flow.

This results in powerful declarations which may sometimes surprise you with their forcefulness!

Declare Prophecy: Caveats And Warnings

Before we wrap up, I should mention a few caveats and potential issues you may encounter moving into the declaration phase of prophetic growth.

We should be careful about moving too soon or too liberally into declaration. I would be very concerned if every reader of this article immediately went out and told everyone around them what to do!

Specifically, I counsel us to think twice about the following:

1. Avoid declaration if you’re at an early stage in your prophetic growth

If you’ve recently discovered you have the gift of prophecy or you are still struggling with how to hear God, then declaration is probably not for you - yet.

Take your time and learn to discern God’s voice first. Learn to trust him and be obedient to what he says, rather than risk pushing your own thoughts and ideas on others.

2. Beware of giving every prophecy you speak unhealthy weight

Moving too soon into prophetic declaration may make prophecies seem more authoritative than they really are.

It can mean that your prophecies become harsh or directive when the Lord wants people to know just how much he loves them.

Even when you are mature in your gifting, it’s all too easy to make damaging mistakes. Stay sensitive to Holy Spirit and to the person’s situation. When in doubt, hold your tongue and pray about it later.

3. Beware of declaring life-changing prophecies over others

Be very, very careful when declaring God’s will to people if it’s about big, life-changing decisions.

This includes things like resigning from a job, selling their home or pertaining to special relationships. I knew a young couple once who were told that they would get married and they brought sex into their relationship far too early.

Whether you declare such prophecies may be based partly on your relationship with the person prayed for.

The Lord might use you to speak an important word like this if you already have a strong, trusted relationship with them. But he may not because you’re too close and your viewpoint may be biased.

Declare Prophecy: Conclusion

Whether you move in declaration or not is all about your relationship with God and where you are in your prophetic growth.

Sharing your processing of a prophecy is great while we’re learning. It helps you to stay accountable and makes your message easier to understand.

When you receive a revelation from God, ask him when or if he wants you to declare it or share it.

Most importantly, look for the prophetic flow of Holy Spirit and he will guide you into the anointing.

Your Turn

Do you find it difficult praying and declaring truth over others in this time of lockdown? How are you praying at the moment?

Let Us Know Your Answer In The Comments Area, Below.

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