April 8

Book Progress Report And First Video Post!

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What Should I Call It???

As mentioned in the video, don't forget to register your vote for the book title!

I’m thinking of calling it simply, “4 Steps To Prophecy”, but I’ve thought of variations and subtitles for it too, such as:

  1. “4 Steps To Prophecy: A Practical Guide To All Things Prophetic”
  2. “Personal Prophecy: How To Do It Right”
  3. “How To Use The Gift Of Prophecy In Personal Ministry: A Field Guide”
  4. “Everything You Need To Know About Prophecy And The Prophetic Lifestyle”

And that’s where I'd like your input:

Do you think any of the titles above is a good name for the book and if so, which one do you like best?

Let me know your vote in the comments, below!



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