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Bible Translations 7 Lessons


Introduction to the course

What is a Word for Word translation?

Discover what word-for-word translations are, why they're important, and some of the issues translators face.

What is a Thought for Thought Translation? (Part 1)

What a thought-for-thought Bible translation is, and how it differs from a word-for-word translation.

What is a Thought for Thought Translation? (Part 2)

"Thought for Thought part 2" examines a common misunderstanding people have about the "best" kind of Bible translation, and reveals one key to understanding why we have so many different versions.

What is a Paraphrase?

Explains what a paraphrase is and isn't, and why there may be hazards involved with reading them. Do they still have value? Find out inside!

Reading versus Study: Which is the Best Translation? (Part 1)

There is a difference between reading the Bible and studying the Bible, that will determine which translation you use.

Which is the best translation? (Part 2 - the answer!)

Today, I finally get to the answer you've been waiting for, but it may not be what you expect!
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