Learn To Prophesy Mini-Course

9 Lessons Easy

About this course

Begin your journey in the gift of prophecy with this FREE guide and mini-course.

Learn what prophecy is, why you should practice and how to do it, in just 4 steps.

Inside, I’ll share with you the definitive guide to help you learn how to prophesy over someone. We’ll discuss what the gift of prophecy is, why you would want to operate in that gift, and how you can go about it.

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Course Structure


Prophecy Basics 3 Lessons

What is prophecy?

Much confusion abounds about prophecy and the prophetic gifts.

Before you can use the gift of prophecy you need to understand what it is.

Learn all about it here.

Why prophesy?

You now know what prophecy is, but why should you prophesy in the first place?

Find out inside.

Listen To God

To start your journey of learning how to prophesy, there is one pre-requisite you need: find time to be alone with God.

In this lesson, learn how God speaks and how to be ready to listen to him at a moment’s notice.


How To Prophesy 6 Lessons

4 Steps

Learn about the 4 Steps so you can understand how to use the gift of prophecy effectively.

Talk To God and Tune In To Holy Spirit

Understand the basics of talking with and listening to God, and how to cooperate with him in the gift of prophecy.

Translate What God Says

Understand how to interpret prophetic words and pictures.

Tell Someone

Learn how to share prophetic words with other people, without hurting their feelings.

The Golden Rule

Discover the Golden Rule and learn how to use it to ensure you always bless others (and don't make mistakes) with the gift of prophecy.

Where Next?

Learn about an exciting opportunity to help you grow your prophetic gift.