4 Steps Prophecy School

7 Modules 3 Chapters 33 Lessons Easy-Intermediate

About this course

Learn how to hear God’s voice, how to be sure it’s him, interpret what you hear effectively, and share it with confidence.

The 4 Steps Prophecy School empowers you to grow in your gift of prophecy, through a comprehensive program of biblical teaching and practical exercises.

You’ll learn the foundations of prophecy, how to get close (and stay close) to God, and establish clear channels so you can hear his voice throughout the day.

You’ll be empowered to understand and interpret prophetic words and pictures, as well as how – and when – to share them with others.

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Course Structure

2 Lessons


Hello and Welcome

Welcome to the 4 Steps Prophecy School!

Before we begin…

Fill out a quick quiz to find out where you are in your prophetic journey.

3 Chapters


About the School 2 Lessons


What's in the course and what to expect.


What the 4 Steps Prophecy School will do for you.

Why Prophesy? 3 Lessons

Why Should We Prophesy?

Why would we want to prophesy?

Here are 8 reasons for doing so.

Why I want to learn to prophesy better

We each have our reasons for wanting to prophesy.

Here are some of mine.

Why run the School?

How I started out with the gift of prophecy.

And two issues in the church we want to avoid.

What Is Prophecy? 4 Lessons

How God Can Speak – Examples

It's easier to hear God than you might think.

Here are 3 examples to encourage you.

God is full of grace (there’s a learning curve!)

An important lesson we can learn from Jesus' disciple Peter.

The 4 Steps

These 4 steps are the foundation of the School.

Watch this video to find out all about them.

What is prophecy?

What actually is prophecy and what is it for?


Intro: A Love Relationship

The gifts of the Spirit begin and end in relationship with God.

The Importance Of Worship

Prophets have a special relationship with the Lord.

Find out how worship empowers us to love God and those around us.

Cultivating Closeness: A Lifestyle Of Listening

How can you be sure you're hearing from God?

Discover how to be (almost) certain!

Just Ask! (+ Exercise)

How can you find time to be with God, in your busy life?

Let's answer that question in a really practical way.


Intro: Holy Spirit Is Key [Prophets And Prophetic Gifting]

What does it mean to "tune in" to Holy Spirit?

How God Speaks

5 ways God might be speaking to you.

Barriers To Hearing God

4 things that can prevent us from hearing God...

...and 1 thing you might think is getting in the way, that probably isn't.


Was It From God?

How do you work out if a specific prophecy is from God?

Learn to ask the right questions.


Pray and ask God about a specific situation.

What is he saying about it?


Intro: Mind, Spirit, and Holy Spirit

Learn how to interact with Holy Spirit at a deeper level.

Questioning A Prophetic Word

How to ask questions in order to understand the meaning of prophetic words.

Worked Examples

3 "case studies" on how to understand what God is saying.

Seeking More Detail

Understand the journey and how to avoid becoming judgmental.

Open or closed eyes for prayer ministry?

How to make a practical choice to aid communication.

Exercise and Activation

Pray for a prophetic word for a friend.

...and follow up to a previous exercise!


Intro: Communicating Effectively

If you want to share prophetic words with people, you need to learn how to communicate well.

How To Share A Prophetic Word

There are 4 ways to share a prophecy.

Here's how to choose the right one.

When To Share A Prophetic Word

Don't just blurt it out: learn to choose the right time to share your prophecy.

When NOT To Share A Prophetic Word

Understand how to apply the Golden Rule, so you can be sure when to share a prophecy - or not.


Share a prophecy with someone and get their honest feedback!

2 Lessons

Next Steps

Congratulations! Here's what's next...

Well done! Your journey doesn't end here.

Before you go…

Let's see how far you've come.