How To Hear God's Voice - Out Now!

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I loved your book and found it very practical and easy to read, especially the helpful “how to” tips. Hearing God’s voice & trusting him is essential…

Barbie Howarth

Learn How To Prophesy: The Definitive Guide

Want to learn how to prophesy? Learning to prophesy doesn't need to be difficult or complicated. All you need is to practice the 4 Ts: Talk, Tune in, Translate, and Tell. Today, I'm going to share with you the definitive guide to help you learn how to prophesy. I’ll...

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Lifestyle Of Listening To God: Why YOU Need It

Can't hear God's voice in times of trouble? A lifestyle of listening to God is the answer. "Why can't I hear God's voice, at a time when I most need him?" "How come I feel so overwhelmed with emotion?" "Why does God feel so distant?" These are all common questions...

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