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I loved your book and found it very practical and easy to read, especially the helpful “how to” tips. Hearing God’s voice & trusting him is essential…

Barbie Howarth

Jesus Will Only Do What The Father Does (So Can You)

Do what the Father does: Jesus’ meeting with a Samaritan woman teaches us how to interact with Holy Spirit, and our Heavenly Father. When Jesus goes to Samaria, he waits next to a well, while his disciples go to get some food. When a woman approaches the well, he...

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How To Start Keeping A Prophetic Prayer Journal

Start keeping a prophetic prayer journal: it can accelerate growth in your prophetic gift. Find out how to start keeping a prophetic prayer journal right here! One of the best keys to growth in your prophetic gift is to start keeping a prayer journal. But one better...

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5 Reasons To Keep A Prophetic Prayer Journal

Don't know where you're headed? A prophetic prayer journal helps keep your prayer life on track. Do you have a record of how God has spoken to you? Do you keep a prayer journal or diary? If not, then today is the best day to start. But I don’t want you to have just a...

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