Can't hear God's voice?

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Barriers To Hearing God is a FREE excerpt from my eBook How To Hear God’s Voice.
Discover the secret issues that could be preventing you from hearing God’s voice – and learn how to overcome them.

How To Hear God's Voice

I loved your book and found it very practical and easy to read, especially the helpful “how to” tips. Hearing God’s voice & trusting him is essential…

Barbie Howarth

How To Operate In The Gift Of Prophecy

Do you know how to operate in the gift of prophecy? If you want to operate in the gift of prophesy reliably and consistently, you'll need to dedicate yourself to the pursuit of these 3 disciplines: prayer, presence and persistence. Pre-Requisites To Operate In The...

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Personal Prophecy: The “Now” Word Of The Lord

The bible is God’s word for our whole lives. Personal prophecy is God’s word for now. What is the relationship between personal prophecy and the bible? I believe that the bible speaks into the whole of our lives. Whereas prophecy and in particular, personal prophecy,...

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Learn How To Prophesy: The Definitive Guide

Want to learn how to prophesy? Learning to prophesy doesn't need to be difficult or complicated. All you need is to practice the 4 Ts: Talk, Tune in, Translate, and Tell. Today, I'm going to share with you the definitive guide to help you learn how to prophesy. I’ll...

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