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Busy Day - No Time For God
May 19

6 Ways To Spend More Time With God

By Tim Bader | Prophecy

Busy lives lead to less opportunity to be alone with God. Here’s 6 ways to help you make space for spending time with God. The trouble with busy lives is that the busier we become, the greater the tendency for God to be blocked out. For me, the traditional quiet time just doesn’t cut it […]

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How To Hear God's Voice Cover
Apr 15

How To Hear God’s Voice Today

By Tim Bader | Prophecy

I’m really excited because I just released my new eBook, How To Hear God’s Voice. Inside, I’ll walk you through eight simple, practical steps to help you get closer to God so that you can learn to hear his voice with confidence. You can hear God’s voice – today! Get your copy here. An Experience […]

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Mar 27

3 Reasons Why We Need To Listen To God

By Tim Bader | Prophecy

God is speaking all the time. Here’s why we need to listen to God. I’ve almost finished my new eBook, How To Hear God’s Voice (available now!), so it’s a topic I’ve been thinking about a lot. Listening to God has many benefits, not all of which are obvious on first glance. Here I’ll discuss […]

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Bible in creation
Jan 21

5 Ways God Speaks Today

By Tim Bader | Prophecy

If you want to know how to hear God’s voice, you need to learn the different ways God speaks today. Here’s 5 of them. God speaks today. You can hear His voice if you take the time to listen. But in order to do so, you need to understand how God speaks. Read on to […]

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