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Mar 02

Prophetic Dream Reveals Kingdom Of God On The Move (Dinosaurs Included!)

By Tim Bader | Prophecy

A bunch of dinosaurs in a prophetic dream has changed my view on the Kingdom of God.

You’re curious aren’t you? Go on, admit it. How can this be? The answer is, because some dreams really are prophetic dreams.

My prophetic dream happened just last week. And yes, it involved dinosaurs. But God spoke to me through that dream and I believe he wants to speak to you too, so here it is.

Prophetic Dream ...Dinosaur

Courtesy Pixabay

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Bible in creation
Jan 21

5 Ways God Speaks Today

By Tim Bader | Prophecy

If you want to know how to hear God’s voice, you need to learn the different ways God speaks today. Here’s 5 of them.

God speaks today. You can hear His voice, if you take the time to listen. But in order to do so, you need to understand how God speaks.

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4 stages of prophecy - step by step
Nov 05

Four Stages Of Prophecy

By Tim Bader | Prophecy

Learning to use your prophetic gift, but don’t know where to start? Thinking through the four stages of prophecy will help prepare you for any situation.

4 stages of prophecy - step by step

Public domain, courtesy Pixabay

Learning to use the gift of prophecy can be exciting, but it can also feel nerve-wracking and make us hesitant. Hearing God’s voice for ourselves is one thing, but trying to do the same for someone else is another matter.

If we make a mistake with our own lives, then we can pick ourselves up and start again. If another person is involved, then we may feel an overwhelming sense of responsibility. Alongside that, we may not be sure how to handle what we hear.

The good news is that there is a framework to help us out. I call it the four steps, or the four stages of prophecy.

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Prophecy Connection
Oct 20

What Is Prophecy? (Hint: It May Not Be What You Think)

By Tim Bader | Prophecy

What is prophecy? Prophecy is much more than telling the future, but at its heart there is only one message.

What is Prophecy - Connection

Public domain, courtesy Pixabay

When most people think of the word prophecy, they probably think about revealing or foretelling the future. While biblical prophecy proclaims future events, particularly the coming of Christ, that describes only one aspect of prophecy.

Prophecy speaks to diverse subjects, such as the past and the present, God’s ways and our response to Him. However, there is a thread that binds them all together. Prophecy may involve words, pictures or actions, but at its heart there is really only one message.
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